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3D Self-adhesive handlebar sticker for the FLEXI, EXCELLENT and ADVENTURE trampoline

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€8,40 –20 %

3D Self-adhesive handlebar sticker for the STANDARD and PLUS trampoline

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Adhesive tape Jumping®
Adhesive tape Jumping®
auf Lager (16 pcs)

Adhesive tape with Jumping® Fitness logo

Code: 8594187480226
auf Lager (20 pcs)

"The best way to get off to a good start every day is to think when you wake up whether you can make at least one person happy on that day." - Friedrich Nietzsche

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" Das beste Mittel, jeden Tag gut zu beginnen, ist, beim Erwachen daran zu denken, ob man nicht wenigstens einem Menschen an diesem Tag eine Freude machen könne." - Friedrich...

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Jumping® Cup & saucer Espresso set 60 ml 4pcs / pack.

Classic small white china cup with saucer for Espresso.

Code: 8594187485665
Jumping® Original Sports Water Bottle / 0,7l

This bottle is ideal for water, cold or even hot drinks, which is highly popular among many sportive and active people. Its sealing is excellent thanks to the “open/close”...

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drum stick
Mallets for Jumping® Drum
auf Lager (100 pcs)

1x pair of phosphorescent mallets for DRUM

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Self-adhesive foot
auf Lager (5 pcs)

Adhesive foot can point your customer in the right direction. These are also waterproof so you can clean the floor with no worries.

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Self-adhesive hand
auf Lager (10 pcs)

Self-adhesive hand is a place where your client can, for example, express their feeling of simply signing it :)

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Self-adhesive handlebar sticker for Trampoline For Jumping

Self-adhesive handlebar sticker for Trampoline for Jumping

Code: 8594187480219

Sign for decoration There you can write how much a Jumping® lesson costs or just the price of a cappuccino. This can also be used to mark lockers :)

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Self-adhesive sticker PUSH / PULL on your door

Do your customers also have the problem whether they should pull or push the door?

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components 0002
Tensioning Hook
auf Lager (42 pcs)

Hook to tighten the EXCELLENT trampoline.

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Wrench 13
Wrench 13
auf Lager (49 pcs)

Wrench 13

Code: 8594187480172
Wrench 17
Wrench 17
auf Lager (50 pcs)

Wrench 17

Code: 8594187480202
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