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Package "Get stronger" with trampoline FLEXI Black

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Paket enthält:

1x Jumping® Trampolin Flexi Green
1x Jumping® Expanders
1x Jumping® Sliders

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This trampoline is very popular at every fitness centre. It has a solid skeleton and a jumping mat which allows easy replacement of the elastic ropes.


The structure of this trampoline is made of a material of the highest quality, namely a steel round profile, whose wall thickness of 2 mm secures high strength and rigidity. Part of the structure is also 6 strong legs ended with a special rubber extension. This extension does not leave smears and protects all surfaces against damage. The trampoline legs are 28.5 cm tall. The trampoline bearing capacity is up to 130 kg, while its weight does not exceed 13 kg.

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We recommend purchasing the DVD 1 and DVD 2, which are led by Jana Svobodová a Tomáš Buriánek



  • SUPPORTING HANDLEBARS: They are made of a square profile of thickness 2 mm. An advantage is a variable adjustability according to the jumper’s height.
  • TRAMPOLINE MAT: Formed by a special polypropylene fabric, which excels in its resistance against UV radiation. The jumping area is enclosed by a 5cm wide bright green rim. The spokes of the trampoline have 54 pieces of mesh, through which the special stirrups are threaded, to which the flexible rubber rope is attached.
  • RUBBER ROPE: Its diameter is 7 mm. The rope has a special polyethylene monofilament, which excels due to its low ductility and high bonding strength. Each rubber rope end is attached to the stirrup and secured by a collet, so that it does not get dragged. This comfortable system ensures unique suspension for the Trampoline Mat, and if damaged, it can be easily replaced. Another advantage is its resistance to abrasion.

Package includes:

1x Jumping® trampoline Flexi Green
1x Jumping® Sliders
1x Jumping® Expanders
1x rubber band with stirrup and collets

Zusätzliche Parameter

Kategorie: Trampolin
Garantie: 2 years
Gewicht: 14.5 kg
Befestigungart der Sprungmatte: das patentierte System der Augen (Gummiring, Bügel und 2 Klammern)
Durchmesser des Trampolins: 136 cm
Durchmesser der Sprungmatte: 105 cm
einstellbare Höhe der Stützstange: 124-137 cm
Gewicht des Trampolins: 13 kg
Höhe des Beins des Trampolins: 28,5 cm
maximale Belastung: 130 kg
Raumbedarf für dem Trampolin: 2 m2

Jumping® Expanders & Slides

Jumping® Trampolína Flexi

Rubber rope swap

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